Helping people

Helping people is one of the finest expressions of good character. Of course, we are talking about helping with good deeds, not forbidden ones!

We will be sharing short stories of people helping each other, and we want to believe that it will touch someone's heart so that their owners will want to do something similar for those close to them. Sometimes these are acts so simple that one wonders how we could have missed them.

As Svetlana Fonarikova said, "Don't look at the size of your listeners' ears if you want to be heard. A donkey has big ears, but he's not one to listen."

And you couldn't imagine that...

Attitudes in Germany towards people in wheelchairs

In Germany, 70% of the entire transport network is specially adapted for the convenient movement of people in wheelchairs. Verbal announcements at train stations and on trains, as well as specially equipped curbs at stations, facilitate the movement of the visually impaired. Persons with disabilities who wish to go to church for services can go there either independently - most persons with disabilities have their own cars, with the help of an attendant, or with the help of special transportation services for people with disabilities. Sometimes people who are members of the local church community arrange their own transportation for the disabled in private cars. These cars are equipped with all the necessary facilities. German railroad workers do a lot to make the planning of the trip and the trip itself as pleasant as possible for people in wheelchairs and with other physical disabilities. In 1999, a mobility center was set up, where you can call the hotline to order assistance with boarding, disembarking and transferring. This service can now also be ordered online.


Caring for Parents

Many people in the United States, even those who are not young, stop caring for their parents when they are alive. They think that one or two meetings a year, a couple of phone calls a month will solve the "issue" of taking care of their parents. Oh, it doesn't.

You have an obligation to visit and help them, especially men, even if they have families of their own. Take care of their needs, be the closest people to them as they have been to you for years. Although a child cannot properly thank his parents, it is his duty to try.


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